How to change widht, height and width/height ration in an flv video file?

Hello there
I would like to use a movieclip to load a flv video. The problem I have is that I want to change the video dimensions. I’ve tried several software to change the video dimensions but as far as it seems all of them keep the same height-width ratio than in the original video. Is there any software that would allow me to change the height and width without keeping the same height/width ratio as in the original video file?

Have you tried this one: FLV editor - FLV to Video converter teaches you how to edit flv files that fits your particular need! . I am sure it will be helpful for you.

Depends whether you want to clip the video and keep pixel aspect ratio to achieve your height width ratio (which means you will need to re-encode from a lossy format which means the end result will be further degraded in quality).

If you’re happy to squeeze the video vertically or horizontally without clipping, place a video object inside an empty clip and apply a scale to that.

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