How to change ul text color in block

I have been trying for days to change the color of the text in an unordered list that I have in a block. (Pardon me, if my terms are wrong; but this is what I believe they are called.) I plan on inserting several blocks of different colors on the same page, using absolute positioning, but I would like to control the color of the lists inside of these blocks separately. For instance, if one block is yellow (as in my current example), I would like the text to be black. But if a future block is dark blue, I might opt for the list inside to be white.

My site is: and the passwords required are: lingo_http and then the word spanglish. The page I am trying to modify is the More Puzzles page. As one can see, the yellow block containing white lettering is not very legible.

Both the CSS and the HTML I have been using have passed validation. I am just very stuck! Even pointing me toward the correct terminology to use in my search would be most appreciated. So far, the book I have been reading by Ian Lloyd hasn’t dealt a lot with lists in this context, (at least to my very inexperienced eyes.)

Thanks in advance!

ul {

Should work if you want to style all lists the same.

However if you want to style some lists one way then you could assign a class to the ul

<ul class="black"></ul>{

Thanks for that info, Ben–I will try that out tomorrow!

Well, Ben–I had no success with your suggestion. But I now have an idea why: the ul I am using is ALSO a list of links. And these links are from a JAVA program. I now am planning to try something with a.linkText:link {

But it will take me awhile.

Any further suggestions would be most helpful.

for the More Puzzles page, try something like this in your CSS…

#Easier a { color:black; }

that should target/change all links within the #Easier div.

Thank you, Agarcia–I haven’t uploaded my changes yet, but I was able to make the changes to links. I struggled a bit over some subsequent effects , but finally have a desktop file that works as I’d hoped.

I cannot tell you and all the others who spend their own time helping others how much we appreciate it!

you’re welcome. glad to help. :slight_smile:
yeah, Sitepoint is a great community to get help or learn from each other…more trying to learn than being able to help in my case. :smiley: