How to change the wordpress blog name?

Hi all,
I have installed WordPress blog, to my site in a blog directory.
To go to blog, by typing the URL as;

IANA — Example domains

Now i want to change the URL as;

IANA — Example domains

I tried, by renaming the directory of wordpress, but all links in the site are not changed…

How to change the url, within all the blog site?

Thanking you…

You can find the wp_options table in the database to change the blog name directly or just try to visit domain-name/wp-admin and go to settings and then change the blog name.

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Take a look at Giving WordPress Its Own Directory « WordPress Codex

Of course, you don’t want the root, but the /blog subdirectory, but I think it should work anyway.

Thanks for your reply,
not to change the name of the blog, i want to change the URL?

Right now it is;

Now i want to change the URL for all the wordpress blog to,

How to change this?

You will find blog_url also in settings or wp_options table.


It is explained in the page I linked to. Did you read it?

blog_url is not there in the wp_options table?
Where can i get full help on wordpress blog?
Means customization and options and plugins.

I have no idea about the wordpress and blog…
Newbee to blog… i.e i have more doubts on this…
Thanking you…

My mistake.

You will find site_url in the wp_options table. Change it and it will change the blog url.

After changing the siteurl value, it is not updating the site links…
All links are not changed in the site blog…