How to change the background color of logo in photoshop

I am new to graphics, wondering what is the easy way to change the background color of logo. From white to blue

the format is .jpeg, there is only one layer which is locked in photoshop.

Can someone give me a clue?

JPG image format does not support layers, so that’s why you only have a “locked” one, which is in fact a flat background. By the way, it’s probably the worst format for a logo… ath least worse than PNG/GIF.

You can cut your logo out of the background and then put it on a new one. You can also save it as a transparent PNG or GIF image with no background at all.

its not ideal to be working like that… but if its all you have you can ‘bodge it’… magic wand all the white and delete it then put in a blue background

Im using png for my background as I need transparency. but for me jpg is still best for millions of colors.

I’m afraid the author of this thread asked about something completely different. :headbang:

Varelse, you are right on the point! I appreciate your help, and I will try to use magic brush to get rid of backgroud, make it transparent PNG first.

you can use the Magic Wand tool in photoshop to select the white area (play with the tolerance level to get your selection exact) and then use a brush after selecting to paint it your particular shade of blue.