How to change the background color for Tubepress sidebar widget

Hello. I have a blog which has different background colors set for each sidebar widget and I would like to do the same for the tubepress sidebar widget. Btw, my site

I tried setting the background color like I did with the other sidebar widgets. I figured out the div id using firebug and inserted the css. With tubepress however, doing that only changes the top portion of the widget (right before the video starts) and it leaves the rest of the tubepress sidebar widget with the color of the page background.

I tried seeking help from the tubepress forum but no one answers there. Can someone please help? Thank you.

Which is the tubebpress div, and what color does it need to be?

This is what I got from firebug:

<div id=“tubepress” class=“widget widget_tubepress”>
<div class=“widget-title”>
<div id=“tubepress_gallery_1022476500” class=“tubepress_container tubepress_sidebar”>
<div id=“tubepress_gallery_1022476500_thumbnail_area” class=“tubepress_thumbnail_area”>
<div class=“tubepress_thumbs”>
<div class=“tubepress_thumb”>
<a id=“tubepress_image_maNoPGIDHGU_1022476500” rel=“tubepress_youtube_popup_1022476500”>
<dl class=“tubepress_meta_group”>
<div class=“tubepress_thumb”>
<div class=“tubepress_thumb”>

I would like to make the background color #E1F3FC and the widget is currently not installed because it looks really ugly with the page background. Thank you.

Could you maybe put it on a test page then? Otherwise, all I can suggest is something like

#tubepress {
  background: #E1F3FC;
  overflow: hidden; /* may or may not be useful, depending on the rest of the CSS */

Thank you so much. That worked perfectly.