How To Change Site From Tables To DIV


I am wondering how to change my site from tables to DIV? Right now the header and footer are DIV but the content is still in tables.

If possible show me examples of doing this on a page like this

I would also still like the content to have shadows like they currently do.



You are asking the wrong question. This idea that “DIVS” are somehow good and tables are completely bad is utter stuff and nonsense. Overuse of the DIV is just as pernicious as the use of tables for layout.

Instead learn to write valid and semantic html.

Since most of the content in your body is tabular you should not change those parts from tables to divs. That said You can have a container of course holding the tables. What you need though is to clean up all the styles, id’s and classes now applied to those tables and bring them over to a stylesheet

The idea of changing a website to use semantic HTML and CSS is to use the tags for their correct purposes. The problem you’re experiencing is that you’re using tables to build your structure, rather than for tabular content.

No one is going to do your work for free. If you’re looking for someone to recode or redesign your website you’ll need to hire a web designer.

Aside from the issues with the general layout the use of tables for tabular content isn’t too bad, although the code could be ten times cleaner. If I were you I’d get someone in to recode your site fairly soon so you have a cleaner, standards-complaint site that will load faster and will eat up far less of your bandwidth.

I think you basically need to learn CSS. It’s not a simple task of moving from the poor design choice of using tables for layout to DIVs. You have to comprehend document flow, box models, etc.

Please keep in mind that tables are better for tabular data and divs are better for divisions of the document. All you need is to improve your css.