How to Change My Website in Google Webmaster tools Property

I have a website HTTP :// www .realmailfix. com. When I install WordPress for this domain. I generally used HTTP :// www. extension for website.
I create a google webmaster tools for my website. Now my website URL changed ( means https ://www.
I want to change my website google webmaster tools property
please anyone can give me tips and trick for this to changing the Google property.

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Welcome to the forums, @realmailfix.

Have you looked at Google’s guidelines for moving from http to https?


Submit a change of address

  1. On the Search Console Home page, click the site you want to move from.
  2. Click the gear icon; then click Change of Address .
  3. Follow the instructions in the Change of site address tool.
  4. Monitor your traffic as indicated in Move a site with URL changes .

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@AppsMaven: if you read the page from which you copied those instructions, you’ll see it also says:

Note : The tool does not currently support the following kinds of site moves: subdomain name changes, protocol changes (from HTTP to HTTPS), or path-only changes.

The OP is asking how to move from http to https, so change of address is not appropriate.

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