How to change groupMax in dataAxis base series in AmChart

Hey geeks I’m trying to add control buttons in the Candlestick chart like 1month, 3 months 6months 1years and with whole data

I used this example link of Candlestick

here you can see in example they used groupMax["day1];

when I render the chart in the above example I didn’t get this attribute in value look at the below image

I get only these attributes When I open the above example in JsFiddle the I see

How can I change groupMax these or How can you day3 and year1 to zoomdata on 1month,3 months, 6months, 1year

problem fixed by just doing this in your code :drooling_face:

dateAxis.groupMax["day1"] //replace this 
dateAxis.groupMax["day3"] //with this

dateAxis.groupMin["day1"] //replace this
dateAxis.groupMin["day3"] // with this 

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