How to change a File's code in text editor from horizontal to vertical?

When I open up bootstrap.min.css in a text editor it is one continous horizontal line of code.
Is there a way to change it to a more readable code vertically?

Try loading bootstrap.css instead of bootstrap.min.css


Download the un-minified version and you should have it broken down line by line as you’d expect. The .min version is compressed to removed any extraneous characters (spaces, carriage returns etc) that make it readable for us, but the computer doesn’t need.

Thanks for your replies.
The Contact Form script I’ve downloaded only comes with bootstrap.min.css
Any other idea will be appreciated


Read the version number at the beginning of the minified file.
Go to the bootstrap repositiory and download the same version unminified or link to it (easier).

Google is your friend.

Does it say which version? If so, you should be able to find the uncompressed version on the Bootstrap site.

On top of what has already been suggested…

My text editor (PSPad) allows me to reformat css files.

Select all or highlight code to be formatted then go to
menu > html > reformat into Structured CSS

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