How To Bulk Unfollow In Twitter?


Can anybody help me? i have lots of people whom I have followed when I first joined twitter but the have not followed me back. Now I am stuck at 2001 and Twitter does not allow me to follow any more people.

how do I bulk unfollow all the people who had not followed me back?

Any hep will be most appreciated…thanks!

easy way is just to quit Twitter. I find that Twitter give me zero traffic to my site.

I personally do not see any sense in Twitter: links are “nofollow”; system looks like simple chat for children.
Why people spend time their??? Do not understand…

Twitter delivers a massive amount of traffic to my site. I manually unfollow users who do not follow back, then use Tweetlater to automatically unfollow people from that point on.

Check out this list - it has a number of apps that you can use to follow or unfollow, plus everything else Twitter you can think of:

I’ve found Twitter to be extremely useful for my outside project, lots of traffic and connections to people and resources I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. It depends on what you’re using it for and understanding how to use it makes a difference too. I didn’t get it at first either…

If you want People to Follow you and become your Followers, you should make sure that you do not Follow a lot of People at the same time. Adding 10-20 people in your Following list at one time is fine. Once those people Follow or Unfollow you, you can keep or Remove them from your list according to you.

To make people Follow you as you are Following them, you have to keep on Updating something and Communicating with the people you are Following.

For now, you can Remove the people you do not want to Follow Manually. Then, you can start working again on Twitter.

Best of Luck :slight_smile:

You can always remove those who haven’t follow you, by just clicking the the remove opposite the person your following.

hi, i think twitter is a good resource of traffic and visitors to your site. i think those who think how to promote websites should use social media options as a must. twitter is one of such. a great one. besides you can talk to people and make them interested in your resource one more way to raise the conversion rates.

I disagree. The key is to follow a lot of people that are likely to follow you back. Once you’ve reached a certain critical mass, you’ll start to pick up followers just for being popular. If you try to build slowly you will lose the arms race.

Here’s the proof:

I went from a virtual nobody with 800 followers in December to currently #970 on Twitter using that strategy.

You can use

You can bulk unfollow the people who don’t follow you.

Now the people have started understand twitter well and people followback only when they goes through followers profiles. the most important point is, people are looking for your followers first rather than the followings and the updates. you should have more followers and less followings :slight_smile:

I 100% agree with what you say. I had been using this following technique and now I think that I should stop. It messes your profile up and it is no good because the people you follow don’t want to listen to you and you get a lot of junk tweets you don’t even need.

I recommend doing the right thing and not using tricks on twitter because everyone uses tricks and they don’t get any success because whenever someone goes to any profile they look the the number of people the tweeter is following first and if it is equal or somewhere close then it makes you look like a twitter spammer.

I didn’t get a lot of traffic from twitter but now I am realizing how to use it more efficiently. I think that if I keep using it then I will start getting a good traffic flow from it.

Twitter drives more traffic to my site than anything else.

To use a good bulk unfollow (and follow) tool, try Twitter Karma (I haven’t got enough posts so I can’t post the full link but just google it)

I believe the key to Twitter is to mix it up with personal Tweets, links and ReTweets in addition to some blatant self promotion. Too much self promotion and you will soon find your followers become unfollowers.


I never even tried to get people to follow me, because that’s not the point, my twitter account is just a connection between my site/its webmaster (me) and its users. It’s mostly automated.

You are doing something wrong then. Twitter is one of my biggest sources for traffic. I know several other webmasters who say the same.

I use Hummingbird and follow a few hundred at a time. 3 days later, I just unfollow those who don’t follow. I love this tool for getting followers.

So do you give a crap at all about the people you’re following or is it all just a numbers game to you?

thanks for the tip on that mass unfollow tool

I use twitterfollower for mass unfollowing in twitter.
It works good and faster.