How to Build Your Brand Online

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Nathan Chan is the CEO and Publisher of Foundr, a business that was borne out of his passion for marketing, content and entrepreneurship. Over the past five years, he’s built a content and digital media company online. He’s also interviewed some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation including Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Arianna Huffington.


What’s been important to your success at Foundr?

The number one thing would be discipline and consistency. Whether that’s every hour, every day, every week or every month, producing consistent content that compounds over time is important. If your content is perceived as valuable, then it compounds over time.

The Internet is also really powerful because it does the heavy lifting for you. It’s not like putting content in a library where people can’t always find it. The Internet makes it easy to distribute and you can use big distribution channels, like social media platforms, to help that content be found.

What are the key elements to building a brand online?

When it comes to building a brand online, there are three key elements that you need to do well.

The first is blatantly obvious, but it has to be said: have a superior product. In my experience, the startups and companies that succeed and grow at a rapid pace have a superior product. A lot of people out there want to create something just to make money and that’s well and good, but if you want to create something great, then you have to have a product or service that is superior. That’s how you get word of mouth which means your brand is spreading.

The second thing is great design. Great design is now a commodity;. It’s expected, and it can also be a unique selling proposition in and of itself. A lot of successful startups have exceptional design. They have great UI if they’re tech products or good packaging if it’s a physical product. If you go above and beyond and spend that extra money and time to develop your brand, it pays its weight in gold in returns.

When I started Foundr I didn’t have much money, but I saved and made good design a priority. I spent about $4,000 on a good designer and it hurt me so much at the time, but it was one of the best investments I ever made. It set a precedent and a cadence for what was expected from the brand. Great design actually delights people and gets them excited and that’s really important.

You can get great design on a small budget. Use tools like 99 Designs or go to Behance and find people in countries that are more affordable like South East Asia or Eastern Europe. You can use that strategy to get great design without spending much money.

The third thing is to use ambassadors. Every great brand uses ambassadors, whether you see it or not. Foundr doesn’t have an “official ambassador,” but when we get the Richard Bransons of our industry on the front cover of our magazine it showcases that we’re a legitimate brand. It elevates our credibility and authority and lets us tap into that person’s influence through association.

Go to the front page of the Foundr website and you’ll see testimonials from Shark Tank America and Gary Vaynerchuk. They’re complimenting our brand and saying this is a place where you need to allocate some of your time.

You may not be able to get great ambassadors straight away; we didn’t get Richard Branson until the 8th edition. But you never know if you don’t ask and put yourself out there.

How can businesses use social platforms to grow their online brand?

Social media platforms are very powerful, especially when you’re bootstrapping. But you can’t master them all at once. So, choose the one that is most relevant to your business to start with. Choose the one that your competitors seem to be getting the most traction on. This depends on your audience, your product and what you’re building.

Once you’ve chosen the channel, study your competitors and see what content they’re creating. I’m a big fan of the idea that success leaves clues. Look at what content is getting the most traction for your competitors. If YouTube is the channel they have most traction on then look at what their top ten most viewed videos are. You can then create a strategy to make even better content on those topics.

Also look at what other brands are on that channel. They may not be doing the same thing as you but they may be doing something similar in a different industry. Look at what they’re doing and get inspiration from their content.

Once you’ve worked out a strategy for the kind of content that you need to produce, you need to start and never stop. The moment you stop is the moment you lose. All social media platforms are content-based. They want content so they can keep as many users as possible on their platform and they will reward your consistency. A case in point is YouTube. YouTube will reward you if you post every day for a year and they will also reward you if your content gets engagement.

At the moment I’m mastering YouTube. So, I’m studying my competitors and other brands that are doing similar things in different markets. I’m setting up a content cadence and studying the best of the best to work out what moves the needle on this channel. I’ve learned that thumbnails are a big part of making somebody click on YouTube. The search engine is also important, so we’re doing a lot with keywords so we can rank for certain topics. You also need to collaborate and get others to reference your brand, so we’re looking at how we can get as many people as possible to recommend our content. We’re studying, testing and slowly but surely carving out our own space on that platform.

It’s not expensive to use social media but it does take time. It takes time to create great content. It takes time to promote that content, get backlinks and reach out to influencers. But if you’re bootstrapping and you don’t have any money you have to use time.

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What do you think about the services that increase the number of subscribers in the social. networks such as YouTube or Insta like I understand that this is not quite natural statistics, but for many people it is important how good your statistics are before subscribing to you. And according to my observation, if you have 100k followers, more people will subscribe to you than if you had 1k, even if the content is the same. People consider this an indicator of popularity and how useful and interesting your content is.

A small budget is a problem for SMEs, online especially. Every marketing strategy steps, branding process, promoting require money.
And one of the first tips for right branding is to understand the unique selling point.
This USP you can promote using social media, word-of-mouth and your website which you can code free and on your own. Today we have many opportunities to do all these tips with less money. Today is a great day for successful marketing without big financing.

Place your uniqueness on your articles with your blog, social media posts, your landing page. Use modern tools and style which is understandable for your audience.

Everything starts from winning description and there are some tricks.

Branding is the key to every successful and brand and its also a race where everyone come with own brand i.e competitors. And every business should follow the basics of branding here I point down some basics of branding-

  1. Understand your brand
  2. Understand your customer
  3. Don’t Be a faceless brand
  4. Show up
  5. Stereotype? Use them to your advantages
  6. Mean what you say
  7. Work in real-time
  8. Long term relationship
  9. Your branding
  10. Make a change
  11. Create an SEO friendly website
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Building a brand online is a tricky task. From your profile pic to your friend’s comments about you, everything matters here. So in order to build your brand online, look for the following:

  • Judge your existing brand value: Google yourself. What can you find? The information coming up should be the foundation stone of your brand building.
  • Find out top five people in your field
  • Locate Your Audience and remain focused: Since you are just starting you don’t have an audience yet. So try making one. Avoid appealing to everyone. Determine who your target audience is and serve them.

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