How to Build Quality Links?

Does Google perceive Article Submission to Free Directories as Spam?
Is over submission to the free article directories is considered as Spam? In our SEO promotion we frequently make directory submission. Does Google understand these links as quality links? What other steps can be applied to build “QUALITY” Links?[/B]

What I understand about Quality links is when a site linked to a another site where one has higher reputation.

for example if site a has a pr 5 and is more popular and site b is an e-commerce site where needs to create backlink, then site b linked to site a in order to get linked juice coming from site a. (just a reminder the site should be dofollow).

well back to your question, submitting article into free submission sites may cause of penalizing your site by google because if you submit one content in various article directory which has a very low reputation.

for example the ration of your content to the article directory is 1:5, that may cause you a duplicate contents and it will make the published content to be low quality since they’ve found out that there are lots of duplicate content.

hope you’ve understand, hey guys correct me if i am wrong about my opinion. thanks!

[font=verdana]If the articles are of decent quality and are relevant – ie, don’t appear to have been written for the sole purpose of generating backlinks – then Google is unlikely to mind that there are multiple copies of it on different directories and syndicated sites. Of course, you run the risk that it will consider one of these other sites as the definitive source of the article, rather than your own, but it shouldn’t result in an active penalty.

In terms of building high quality links, the best strategy is to write really good content that other people will want to link to![/font]

The best practice is to submit unique and informative articles and directories(one article in only one article directory). You can also utilize free blogging platforms to create blog and update your articles there. Promoting these submitted articles can help you in getting exposure for your articles and as well as help in indexing them.

Quality, relevant content is everything these day…keep writing content that provides use and is relevant and your good to go.

The Google Panda update in 2011 pretty much killed any SERPS benefit from backlinks in articles. Far better trying to get your content on relevant sites or update your own site. Articles still have a prime place, but you might well have noticed that they appear less and less in searches these days.

As long as what you’re doing at ANY point throughout your marketing efforts is of quality, then what you’re doing is just fine. Though I strongly suggest that you guys NOT “attempt” to market your business online, by yourself. That is what SEO Consultants are for. As a veteran SEO - I can’t advise this more strongly. If you don’t have money to invest then I suggest that you build a quality website (or try) and the success will innevitable follow, in due time. SEO Success , along with marketing success takes time…

Gregory Smith

Rather than going after backlinks in an aggressive way, I prefer link baiting. Enrich your website with useful and relevant content that are of high use for the users. Promote your content through some popular social media channels. If your content is worthy enough, you will surely get some natural link backs from relevant website.
This is one of the best way to get quality backlinks in the current scenario.

to get a quality backlinks you need to make sure your is ok, then only you can go for off-page activities. There are various off page activities like: High pr directory submission, article marketing, press release, blogs posting and commenting, smo, social bookmarking etc.

To build a Quality Links it needs a high quality and unique article and also the links…so that once it will be submitted it will not be spam,be detected and be penalized.

Submitting to free article directories is not spam as long as you write unique content for each article directory and the content is relevant to your niche. I have been submitting articles for my website to various article directories for building links with the sole intention in mind that the content I create for the directories is unique and for the readers and not for search engines. My site has started to gain traffic and low moving up in Google. One more thing that I completely avoid is spinning articles and submitting them to article directories in an automated process. If that is done, then it will be considered as spam.

Guest posting has been the best source of quality backlinks for me.
Requires you to write very good articles, because good blogs won’t accept low quality content.

To avoid spamming:
1.) Always submit your link under the most relevant category.
2.) Try to do only one submission at one directory site.
3.) Don’t go for over optimisation i.e. too much directory submission.
4.) Use original Description for your Keyword.
5.) Don’t use Keyword(s) again and again in the description.

Link represents trust, recommendation. You are talking about building quality links… The main problem still persist in SEO Industry is : SEO Guys just take care of search engine not of users. Article spinning is no more useful, even at most of the time you might be victim of penguin and Panda!

Link building should be natural. It is not usual to have 1000 links within the span of three months and definitely Google can see that. Quality links should mean linking on websites with good reputation. Aside from article submissions, you can try guest posting or infographics too.

My opinion is that only quality and original articles submitted to these directories can only bring benefit.
Else, same article clone to every single directories will be like spamming.
Somehow, others might have different opinion.

Quality links are the backlinks from high ranking sites… Yes too many article and directory submissions are considered as Spam by Goggle… It is also called as Over optimisation… This results in decrease in ranking… Sometime your website get penalised for the same …

Google doesn’t perceive article submission to directories as spam. It will only perceive them as spam if all the links on the resource box are pointing to one page of the website. Getting backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites is what is referred as quality links. In this case authoritative websites refers to websites that have quality content and most visited by people.

If your content is not duplicate and you don’t do over optimisation then you can carry on with the directory submission.But it is true that free directory submission takes months to get approved and if tha category specified by you is not relevant that it may get rejected also.

You can build Quality Backlinks in various types such as do submission in High PR and Reputed Forum Posting site,submit Unique Article in Article Submission, Do Social media Posting, Add local business listing and many more.