How to build other web pages after creating index.html?


I am a beginner in web design, I am just confused and want to know how to build other web pages… I have already made index.html now I want to include other pages such as about us, portfolio, testimonial and contact etc.

The problem is that what should I have to do other pages to keep the same layout as I kept in homepage (index.html) I have to use save as command on dreamweaver to have the same layout header in other page or there is another way to perform this task. Kindly help me out.


It depends upon how you created the page in DW and as to whether you were using templates, etc. Though let’s assume it’s just a generic page then you could save the ‘index.html’ with a new name and use that as your second page and edit the content. Else you could create a template or basic layout and use that to base all your pages upon and build from there.

You could use CSS to keep the same layout and design, or you could use the “save as” feature and simply save your index as a new name.

One thing though … the way you are doing this is the hard way. Every new page you create will mean going back to every other page and updating it to include a link to the new page, resaving that page and reuploading to your server.

Is there some reason you aren’t using a CMS like wordpress, joomla, or drupal?

You could learn how to create templates for them. This way you’re simply creating a page one time and the CMS will place the appropriate information into your template.