How to build back links using video submission list

Can any one tell me how to build back links using video submission sites like You tube and so on.

I thing it is better you will ask google about that.

A quite obvious way to do this would be to post (read:spam) your link in the comments sections. You could private message people saying ‘come check out this cool site!’. I find that people pm people (me) that commented on a video pertaining to what your website is about. For example, if you have a website about, say, soccer, then find a soccer video of Ronaldo or Messi and pm the people who posted comments saying ‘check out this cool soccer site!’ (but more interestingly of course).

Of course, this is a purely brute-force way of doing so. I find people who do that to be annoying and I wouldn’t visit the site (unless it seemed really interesting). It’s irritating and can make people mad…but you’ll lose those people anyways. Like I said, bruteforce.


you create a video about your website services and upload it in youtube

you can share you video on the video websites like flicker or you tube with relevant description and title for more traffic etc… but I’m not sure about back links.

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