How To Build a Trello Chrome Extension - API Authentication

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How to Build a Trello Chrome Extension

  • How To Build a Trello Chrome Extension – API Authentication

At SitePoint, we use Trello extensively. Sure, it has its quirks and could use an improvement or two in various areas, but for the most part, it’s revolutionized the collaborative experience of not only staff, but also authors and their editors.

I recently found myself needing to export card titles from a specific list for a non member. By default, Trello only supports full board exports to JSON and that’s something that crashes my tab on a board of over 100 members with hundreds of cards. There’s a small army of Trello extensions in the store, and yet curiously, none that export lists in any manner.

Let’s make a Chrome extension that can do this for us! If you’re in a rush and just want to see the end result, see the Github repo for the final version of this tutorial’s code.

Building a Chrome Extension

I figured the best approach would be an extension because a separate application doing only these exports might be too much. Besides, Trello has a nifty API which we can use to get everything we need. I also figured it would be a nice transition back into extension development, something I hadn’t done for a while.

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Nice write up. Chrome is pretty straight forward and solid way to create Web Apps with trusted resources. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Also, only problem I’m seeing is how is this article part 2 of 1? Haha.

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Common WP bug. Will be fixed soon : )

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