How to build a sortable list

This site has a filter on it to sort by different industries. I see there is a lot of CSS done with it but not sure exactly how they built it, or even what it technically would be called it I was searching Google to find something to help me build something like this. If this is in the wrong section I apologize. Any help to get me started in the right direction would be great.

I have seen those types of scripts before and also have used them too. But the only issue with that is if I have 30 different topics that need to be filtered they wouldn’t fit across the screen.

It may be possible to do this with CSS alone (perhaps using a new feature like :target) but this page uses jQuery (a JavaScript library) to do it, and you are probably better off using that.

You can see the transactions.js file near the bottom of the page.

There are other jQuery scripts you could use and adapt, such as this one:

Can this be moved to the jquery forum please?

We don’t have a specific jQuery forum, so I moved it to the Javascript forum :slight_smile:

Looking through their transactions.js it appears all they are doing is using AJAX to replace the content in the html table (id=“transactons”) with the appropriate content for the user selected industry.

What would something like this be called? Trying to find a pre built script.

It don’t think it has a fixed name, but the ones I’ve seen are usually called something with “grid”. So you may want to search for something like “javascript grid” or “javascript grid ajax”.