How to build a RoR forum

Hi everyone, first post here!

I’m trying to find good RoR tutorial on building a forum online, any links/suggestions?


Explain RoR, please.

Building a forum online? You mean build an online forum? From scratch? Why not use a forum already out there?

More details will allow us to help you better.

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Ruby on Rails :slight_smile:

Discourse, the platform that SitePoint forums uses, is built on Ruby on Rails. Although to be fair it is more of a JavaScript application (using Ember for the frontend) than a Rails app. I would recommend checking that out.

ah sorry for mishap. RoR is Ruby on Rails and I’m wanting to build from scratch just for fun :slight_smile:

A large part of what a forum is is a database. The database design is likely the same for any language. If you are not familiar with the use of databases in websites then that would be a good place to start. If you invest time into learning techniques developed by experienced developers then it will likely save time in the future. I know nothing about Rails ERD – Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Rails but it looks useful. Something like that would be good to know.

That does not explain what it is. It is thousands of words of fluff. It does not even make it clear that it is server-side.

No no, i understand. Thanks so much for the link - it’ll help me organise my RoR App :slight_smile:

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