How to build a Developer's portfolio?

Its pretty much straight forward to on how to build a Designers portfolio. But a Developer?

Any guides on this? What kinds of applications/skills are employers looking at?

I’ve never had to show an employer sites I’ve developed in 12 years doing web stuff. Generally the employer has a problem and they want to know you can fix it. Be it getting new products to market, migrating to a new technology, filling gaps they have in their group, preparing for a change in their business, etc. Be the solution by (1) understanding the problem, (2) having the skills to solve it and (3) being enthusiastic about the task. As far as what skills, it depends on the problem and what they’re willing to do to fix it. Do the research ahead of time as to their business, how they operate and where they’re headed and figure out ways to help them get there. GL


I have read an article on how to create and publish an interior design portfolio online.

Here is an excerpt of the article posted in that site:

"First, create an interior design portfolio using your word processor. If you have an existing portfolio saved in your hard drive, you can simply furnish it to make sure that it includes pertinent details about your practice, as well as the latest design projects you have accomplished. Use the tools available on your word processor such as text and format editor, image uploading, and layout designs. The tools will help you highlight the important parts of your resume; for instance, you should enlarge the text to emphasize important details found in your portfolio and also insert graphics and actual designs you have created throughout the years in order for clients to have an idea on what you are actually good at.

Double checking your interior design portfolio is imperative. At least make the effort to edit the choice of words, construction of sentences, and overall layout of the portfolio because this is what people usually look at first before they delve into the content."

It also stated that you can publish your portfolio through Scribd. I suggest to read the whole article since it has relevant information for your question:

Publish an Interior Design Portfolio Online through Scribd