How to boost the loading speed of a website?

can you tell me how to do that here

By using gmetrix tool we can identify

The OP asked about how to carry out the tasks you mentioned above. Can you elaborate on that?

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Im not sure how to fix the task ,so i need your help

There are any number of tutorials on the Internet which will explain how to do this. For example:

Again, search online for tools which will do this. You could try or (I’ve never used either.)

You can add this to your .htaccess file to compress HTML, CSS and JS files.

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

<FilesMatch "\.(js|css|html)$">
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

can i send u my .htacess file 2 check issue?

All you need to do is add those lines to it.

If you want to post it here, then go ahead, but there’s nothing difficult involved.

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SORRY but due to security reasons i will be not able to post it

My site is also facing new issue Google Plus share showing wrong image while sharing

so i removed dis

<meta itemprop=“description” content=" is FREE article submission sites for writing articles in all categories also offers affordable services web development


Compressing script, css, image and others, an increase of speed amounting to just 1-2% can be expected. To increase speed to an optimum level, gzip compression is provided by most reputed hosting providers in Cpanel. In Cpanel under the heading of Software(it may be some other heading in the page of other service providers) Optimize Website can be found. Click on the link of Optimize Website to further venture on to a new tab. There you will find the option named Compress All Content. Upon finding, it must be marked checked and submitted. This will create gzip on the server and eventually optimize the site’s speed. You can also try Cloudflare for optimizing the site speed. The details can be found in the following link -

@TechnoBear Cn you tell me way to fix below shown here

Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:…Raleway:700|Roboto+Slab:300&subset=latin

Did you read Google’s guidelines, which explain what they mean and suggest what you can do?

Its really not easy to understand google doc thats why i came to get help

Sorry, but I’m not sure I can explain any better; that Google document seems quite straightforward to me. Which bit are you having trouble understanding, and I’ll see if I can help.

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