How to block responsive design testing?

How to block responsive design testing?

As I understand you can test manually but it can be blocked tool which are used for development.

I think you will need to clarify the question as I don’t know what you mean by “block responsive design”?

If you mean are there tools that show your site in little windows mimicking various devices then yes there are some that you will find on google or as extensions to your browser but there is already a good responsive design tool built into chrome anyway. Just open the developer tools and click the little responsive (toggle device toolbar) icon in the top left of the tools window.

If you mean can you stop (block) people from changing their window width then the answer is no.

I’m not really sure that either of those are what you meant though :slight_smile:


Sorry, if I was not clear.

I know it is very hard to block testing inside responsive design. If you manually modify screen it will be seen responsive design anyway. As we know we have extensions inside browsers which simulate responsive design. When you try to test it will be blocked.

I try to block such option. Maybe it is not possible.

I’m afraid I still don’t understand what it is you want to block - or why?

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If you see responsive design from browser extension as a testing inside websites it can be shown content with the message it is blocked content.

Which browser extension are you using?

@toplisek - you seem to be telling us that responsive design causes problems with your testing.

Can you please tell us more about the problem that it causes when testing?


It is not an issue with the responsive design. I try to manage security when other developers test pages on production websites. Is it possible?

Let us see an example:
You can test responsive design with many resolution variables. This could be a message it is blocked if it is one time action but many resolutions. If you see only one CSS media in one time it can be seen responsive design.

Production is not where developers put untested pages. It is development servers where pages being tested should be put instead.

Deny developers all access to production, and only allow pages that are proven to already work on the development server.

Thank you for the message. It is another issue. Other developers test websites if this is already production site.

They need to be educated and informed, that production is not where testing occurs.

Relevant CommitStrip comic:


Ok, let us leave this.

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You could always block visitors by IP address.

OK. Thank you for the message. I thought there is also a trick like copyrights protection.

Alternatively, you can install captcha. I did this for my website. Registrations have become much less.

The OP hasn’t said there’s a registration form involved @tomfors666.

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