How to Block Content to people that aren't logged in or don't have a premium account

Hi I was wondering if it’s possible to block content to not logged in and certain continent to premium users .

Yes. It’s possible, but before even thinking about this. You have to ask yourself this question.

Am I willing to learn standard up-to-date code? Or am I just going to use a tutorial which is outdated to help me learn?

@spaceshiptrooper would it make a difference if it is outdated?

Yes, because depending on what the language is, it would be a really tough task to update it. Furthermore, when you use outdated code, depending on the language, you have a really high chance of getting your website hacked or broken. It is also bad practice to learn old code because once you start to learn new up-to-date code, you start to mash everything together and it would be a nightmare to maintain.

Yeah I want to use up to date code

Ok, so your best bet is to get a book that has been published within a couple of years. Most recent books are usually up-to-date. You also would have to figure out what language you want to use. Stay far far away from tutorials. Tutorials are nothing more than an endless mess of code that people copy&paste off the internet and got it working some how and don’t care if it has bugs or not or even have a high probability of allowing a hacker to hack your website.

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