How to Better List w/Google Images

While Google definitely indexes my pages for content, I am still at a loss at why none of my images (which are movie posters) don’t show up in Google Image searches.

Is there a strategy to better show the google bot content images? I have thousands of posters, so this would help greatly.


Do you use Google Webmaster Tools? There is a separate section that only show the searched images?

To give the images a better chance I have recently started hyphenating words in the file name.

You do have quite a few Google images as you can see here:


name them like your articles :wink:

Use web master tool… there u can find a seperate section for images…
Make image SE friendly by having names as a keyword, and put alt tag also…

I got the alt tag and either words combined in image file name or words underscored.

I do see 30,600 images listed in Google image search, so I guess it is indexing them. Maybe just a matter of time for ranking higher.


I just checked the first half dozen or so of the 6,780 files indexed with Google Images and not one had a single hypen and no alt text?

I just Googled Imaged: “magic stick” and it is listed at no: 14 so it looks as though the word separation along with alt text definitely works.

Here is the img script:
<img src=“/afiles/images/magic_stick.png” style=“width:98.95%;margin:2em auto” alt=“UKs Magic Wellness Stick”>

I can see you are going to be busy in the next couple of days :slight_smile: