How to begin a real project?

Hi everyone:

Actually i’m learning ruby by reading the book Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper, i love so much that book, but i really want to start a project by my own. Actually i know html, css, javascript (i’m still in the learning process), and now ruby (i’m still in the learning process). So may i ask what are the first steps to make a real project on ruby, i know that maybe is a silly question and i know everybody has been in my place at some point of the time, but that’s the reason i’m asking this, i wanna know how you made the first big step.

Thanks for advance

PD: sorry for my english is not my first language

Hey @gustavopirela1,

Well, can you define what you mean by a “real project” a bit more? Your mention of HTML, etc. makes me think you mean a web app, so if that’s true, then you have some options.

The most-travelled path is making a Rails app. You can pick a app “type”, such as a Todo app or a blog or a chat app, define some high level requirements to yourself, and start going. Or, if you have an app you’ve been thinking about, do that. You will learn much faster, IMHO, if you are working on a scratching your own itch.

If you don’t want to go to Rails, you can look at Hanami or Pakyow or Sinatra or Roda. There’s a ton to choose from.

Not sure if this is helpful. Reply if you have more details of your goals.

Good luck!

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Hi @ruprict

Yes you’re right, i wanna make a web app project but actually i don’t know where to begin. I really don’t have a specific goal right now only a general one and that is: make something that works well in the front end and in the back end as well, i think that when i accomplished that goal i will have the enough trust in my abilities to be ready for something more specific. Anyway i’m going to follow your advise and make something from the scratch and learn in the process.

Thanks for your advise

Since you mention web related items in your wish to create a “real project”, then I suggest starting with ruby on rails - the canonical web framework for ruby.

Once you install the basic rails gem and its dependencies you use the rails/rake commands to create and set up projects initially. Although it can be done manually this is the cleanest way to do it - creating the basic directory structure and puts things in the right place ready for you to start coding. is an excellent starting point.

I will add that I have come across many web developers working with rails who don’t know Ruby (the language) very well. Since ruby lends itself to creating domain specific languages they get by with learning those patterns well, and this can work for web applications because these days a lot more of it happens at the front-end. Personally I find that knowing the language well helps immensely and you can do things with a greater understanding of what is going on under the bonnet.


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Hi @dln

Thank you for your advise, indeed i always have thought that is important to learn the language before any framework based on that language. So i will begin to learn ruby on rails but without leave my study on ruby.

Thanks for your answer

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