How to beat

so how do i beat a site with 151905 backlinks? :frowning:

is it a lost hope?

im trying to beat adage [dot] com for “advertising” keyword please help! :frowning:

Make sure that your page content is more relevant than theirs and go after more relevant backlinks than the ones they have. That way you should achieve the same result with far fewer backlinks.

how do i make sure the content is more relevant? how many keywords should i have it in there?

what about forums that have a high pr such as 8?

I’ve not done the detailed analysis but I’m guessing that “advertising” might (just might, mind you) be a little bit competitive in search terms. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find that there are at least 3 or 4 other websites out there that are also selling “advertising”. Does the world need more than that?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic, and I’m being flippant, but only to make a point.

Just as you wouldn’t launch and expect to overtake Google, Yahoo! and Bing as the world’s preferred search engine, don’t expect that you can come this late to the party and be top dog for a highly competitive single word that thousands of well established sites are fighting over. If you want your site to do well in such a wide field, if you want it to appear high up the SERPs, you’ll need to find a niche that you can specialise in. Then you can target your branding, and your link building, and your sphere of influence, so that you start to rank highly for phrases and queries relevant to your niche. Once that’s established, you can look at spreading your wings a bit wider.

Backlinks aren’t everything, but they count for a lot. Reputation counts for a lot. Established branding counts for a lot. Google aren’t going to drop a site that clearly ranks well and put your site ahead of it on a whim - you have to build that reputation, you have to build those links over time. Google is not easy to subvert - if it was easy, people would be able to manipulate the rankings easily, and it would lose all value as a search engine.

As a flea on David’s pet mouse, you can’t take on Goliath and win. That’s the scale of the battle you’re looking at here.

There it is yet again

I have yet to get an answer for this.

How does a forum (site) get a PR (page) rank of 8?

well sitepoint has a high pr no?

Piece of cake dude. Just get more better links.

see you at the top!

There’s a saying on SEO, “Quality over quantity”. I’ve been into that situation before and I thought it’s impossible to beat but doing relevant and quality links may be a bunch of help for your site.

I don’t know. What is the PR of SitePoint?

ok so i guess this were we are this point, i get told “don’t post in blogs or forums” cause that doesn’t help with anything then i get “do post in blogs or forums”. someone is lying.

quality links well that is rather generalized.

Hire some people to help you build backlinks?

No one is lying, just one group is wrong.

Do feel free to share these pages and the highly competitive keywords that they rank for with zero backlinks to the page.

A forum can easily get a high PR with enough backlinks just like any other site.

[OT]Well I guess with all the backlinks and all the fresh content it might be possible for SitePoint to have a page rank of 7.

Any idea what the site rank of this page is?[/OT]

Though it is very touch as it is not a one time job it requires continuous hard work.

Make strong strategy for off page and pay attention towards the keywords, content and other basic elements of on page…

well the site you are trying to beat has done one hell of a great job to gain that much links i advised you to try to find where that link is coming from and links to that sites