How to be protected in forums

As i am new here and learning how to do seo for any website, with all the other prospectus and tactics related to seo i am also looking for going further with forums also,
I have written this thread as i wanted to know that how we can protect our profile in forums, i mean , what were the points i must know and go with so that forums administer team do not block my login or suggest some penalties,
please help i wish to be a daily visitor of some forums that meant helpful for me and for others too. what i can i do more after visiting various posts and replying to some threads. suggest.?

Hey Rosy, Just be helpful and answer question with Value. Do not spam Links to others. that’s basically it

Every forums has different rules… If you are referring to this forum, we have a very extensive FAQ here: SitePoint Forums - FAQ.

Also SP has a blog post on this here: How to be a Great Online Community Member » SitePoint.

Get to know the rules of the forum and be helpful and courteous and I’m sure you’ll do fine.

I have read all the main points and will follow.always.

Then your good to go! :slight_smile:

TheRaptor has given you the best advice that anyone could give… almost as good as mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone think some of the rules of some forums are too strict?

Probably they are but that’s because of the amounts of spam that we receive. Whenever that rules are relaxed, the amount of spam rise exponentially and, believe, we already receive loads.

it was my question few days is not long ago when i was just getting frustrated after joining this forum. get infraction, negative reputation. and many more. but i am not spammer or harmful guy to this forum. i am very friendly guy and love to be in this forum and to discuss on various topic. but after facing some sour experiences in this forum i am now afraid to post any thing in this forum. although i am posting here just to know you that i will not get any supervisor here and training program for this forum. you have to read FAQ and post some long and creative writing here. otherwise mod will send you warning messages.

Fair enough. But if you’re getting infractions is because you’re doing something wrong so you should have read the guidelines and faqs with more care.

As a matter of fact, you’re breaking the rules again…

Also, spammers are a big no-no here but you don’t need to be a spammer to break the rules. I’ll look into your case.

Hi there, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking of us. I’m happy to grant anyone a second chance but please have a careful read of this thread before continuing and if you have issues in the future, please send a support email to me at rather than creating a new account.

thanks you sir. i am reading your forums rules and i have only one account in this forum. i was hopeless about my situation last month. but i did not give up. remaining as a member in this forum will be a great honor to me.

i found this forum very helpful when i searched for my personal reason. this is why joined the forum. and i do not want to be kick out of this community.