How to be an expert?

hey all experts!
If you think you are an expert in content writing, provide us with your valuable tips. What do you think, a writer needs to be an expert: practice or its an in built talent?

There is something to be said for inborn talent. But any aspect of writing (copywriting or otherwise) can be taught, especially if it is technical in nature–as copywriting really is. One of the greatest writers in the English language was Joseph Conrad, a native of Poland.
For anyone seeking basic writing skills, I suggest E. B. White’s classic essay, “The Elements of Style,” as the first place to begin. (You’ll be surprised how much that old essay has to say about technical copywriting.)

Your post is a breath of fresh air! It’s great to see a post from someone that does it and does it right!

Based on my experience, I feel that it is a talent as well as something that can be practiced. At first I started out by creating quality articles based on my research methods. Over time, I built that up and have established myself as a great health expert. One peice of advice I would give to good writers is to keep at it with great persistance.

It’s more of a practice to me. I’m not a good writer but I have articles accepted at ezine. It’s only a matter of knowing on how to write a good content.

What is an expert?

You might be an expert if…

…College curricula and class requirements link your site. (You should be getting hits from at this time of year.)

…Sites in your field link to you as a resource.

…White papers list you and your site as a reference.

…You get asked to do speaking gigs at seminars or asked to present white papers at a symposium.

Expert status is not self proclaimed self-aggrandizement. It is outside, unbidden, recognition received of your striving to learn as much as possible about your chosen field.

That means pushing the envelope of invention and innovation within your field as well. An expert in a field advances the state of the art of that field. Experts lead. Wannabes follow.

hmmm nice one :slight_smile: its so good to ask and talk here

I’m not so sure I would use those adjectives to describe expertise. A person can specialize in a field and consistently perform poorly. Although competence and proficiency are listed as synonyms for expertise, a copy writer can write competent copy and be proficient in the mechanics of writing but still be lack-luster in his or her presentation.

My idea of an expert is one who is recognized as consistently performing with excellence. I also believe that a true expert recognizes that the more he or she knows, the more he or she has to learn.

I also believe that true experts can always find room for improvement in their work. In fact, I think that’s probably just part of human nature.

Some people have that natural ability to write, while others must spend years learning. It’s just like any other talent… some people can sing naturally while others need classes.

doing a good but not really an extensive research on the topic then putting those relevant keywords for SEO purposes would be an ideal thing to do…

… it’s true that sometimes the content or the thing that you want to say suffers from targeted keywords but it would test you on how good you are as a writer… :slight_smile:

I certainly agree. A person can have an excellent command of language and still be unable to write clearly for his/her audience.

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and i hope you are the only expert on the forum and i will get some more tips and tricks :wink:

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Great topic. Let me say something.

IMHO, talent is a natural ability that you are born with.

Expertise or skill is a learned ability.

You can improve your expertise two ways:

  • with a training – beeing taught by others

  • with practice – putting what you’ve learned into practice and gaining experience

What concerns talent, you either have it or you don’t. If you’ve talent, then you need to take care of it. It should be nortured through quality education otherwise it remain undeveloped. You need to be able to live with your talent rightly because bad habits may destroy it totally.

On the other hand, expertise is what you can develop and can take you far. But… only as far as your natural ability allow to you.

In my opinion, the combination of above factors is needed to be an expert on any field. Both talent and skill are necessary because if you have a lot of skill you can make it on less talent and vice-versa. The point is that the two complement each other for 100%.



Practice makes perfect. But you can get a better copy for small amount of money.

I agree, if any EDU links to you, you are definitely an expert! I am just hoping for a Wiki link.

I think expert may be the wrong term to use. I would not use it to describe any of my own skills or talents. IMHO a person’s level of expertise is relative, comparative, and subjective. For any given individual a “newbie” might think they’re an expert, an “intermediate” might consider them “among the top ranks”, while a peer might think they’re full of it.

I think its more realistic to describe oneself as being competent to proficient and a specialist.

As far as how well I do at Content Writing, I like to think I do OK. But this is after much thought and research, a few sketched outlines and several rough drafts, and countless rewrites. And even then when I revisit something I can almost always find something that could stand to be tweaked.

One of the most important factor for a content writer, they always have a good command over the English writing and a creative mind. They have patience and understanding of a topic or write about it. It is essential for the development of content.

I think, dear, that you are misunderstanding. This forum isn’t about copying. It’s about copy writing. They are two, entirely different things.

I agree with curiouslzrd. I have been freelance writing for a few years now. I started out with basically no experience whatsoever. I was a new parent who was looking for ways to make money from home and web content writing seemed like something I could (1) do and (2) actually enjoy.

I’ll be honest with you, I find some of my old articles from when I first started out and I cringe a bit. However, I learned tips and tricks and just kept writing. Practice is what helped me the most.

When I write, I usually do a combined keyword / content article. Myself and my clients want keyword articles that appear in search engines, but it is also important to keep readers coming back and that relies on having good, engaging content.

I usually decide on a keyword or keyword phrase and write an article around it. I write an naturally insert that keyword or keyword phrase into an article. When I am done, I go back through and see how often it is used. If only 5 times in a 500 word article, I will reread the article and look for ideal locations to insert it more.