How to be a web designer (UI)

Hi all,
can anyone tell me how to be a web designer(UI) , i have good background in html, css, JavaScript, php, WordPress ,bootstrap , but i have big problem i don’t know how to to design in Photoshop how to choose colors and how to sketch layout and chose font.

Hi kardo. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a book like this might help you:

It is not a big deal as you have a good command in HTML, CSS, javascript and other languages.I think you should use contrast colors to text or images on which you want user attention, this will help you in making your website attractive but it should not cause a eyestrain to the user. And you can search to know more about your queries.

I have a similar problem kardo; my websites look very uninteresting when compared to a lot of others.

You could look at a couple of template websites and see what other people are doing.

They say people are either artistic or practical and I am in the practical camp!

thank u ralph.m , i will follow your book
creativeprojects thank’s
Rubble , it’s my big problem it’s for long time i’m search about ui/ux but i didn’t find any resource to start .

On the same par, I have no idea how to choose what colours in a colour scheme to use for what. Say you have a 5 color scheme, what are you meant to use for where?

hello friends…yeah Mr.Cardo this is very good that you are already have a good background which is most important aspect of site building and photoshop is not such a difficult application to start with. Just keep on trying :slight_smile:
And friends i have also a forum related to Webmaster where you can also get the updates and share your valuable and latest information.
I hope you will definitely like this forum.


Thank u jacksumday I know photoshop but just I need to improve my skills , so I just Needed books or video now I find Something I will try

It`s all about being imaginative. You either are an artistic person that when sees something sees the thing “adjusted” to look better, or you7 are practical. or none :))


A good practice is to always be in the look out and see other designs. Maybe keeping a file with inspiration. When I look at a design that I like, I break it into pieces and try to figure out the decisions that the designer made. Over time, you can apply that knowledge to you own designs.

Nicely said, @efrencast. Welcome to the forums, too. :slight_smile: