How to avoid utility blocking in PlayMarket?

I am writing code for utilities, and at the moment I am faced with the problem that my application was blocked due to plagiarism. The code was copied only partially since in general the utilities are similar in functionality and it is not possible to rewrite everything.
What is the best way to proceed in this case?

Maybe this would be an opportunity to write some new code to enhance the utilities. If you are using enough code to be considered plagiarism, then you are not offering something unique enough. Can you do better than the original code? Can you offer a new feature to the existing code? Are you sure you are even allowed to use the existing code (is it under some kind of license)?

If you want more concrete examples of what you could do, perhaps mention the application you are being accused of plagiarizing and what your application does that is different.

In the end, they call the shots so you are going to either rewrite what the original code does or some how license the original code and wrap it into a library or something instead of just copying code over.

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