How to automatically redirect to a url upon receiving a JSON object upon event listener

Hi All

Hope you can help - really stuck with this one…

Goal is to be able to redirect to another url based upon an intersection within a cross-domain iframe.

Desired process is as such…

  1. A user is on - and fills in a form which is within a cross-domain iframe.
  2. Upon submitting this form within the iframe a parent.postMessage() art the end of the load event which posts a JSON string back to the current page.
  3. Based in the information relied back the user is then redirected from the ‘parent’ site to a new url (also within parent site - eg.

I have got as far as step 2 insofar as I am managing to get receipt of the JSON object but am struggling to then get the page to redirect as desired.

I think the issue may also be in listening for when the JSON object becomes available (see screenshot)

Any pointers will be gratefully received - am not at home with the level of JS I’m afraid

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

  window.addEventListener('message', function(event) {

    var meta = JSON.stringify(
    var data = JSON.parse(meta);


    // this is the json object received once the form is submitted in the iframe { "applicantid": “12345”, "sector": “foobar” }
    // and this is the url I want the user to be automatically redirected to when the parent website received the json object

    var applicantid  = data.applicantid; // 12345
    var sector       = data.sector;      // foobar

  if(applicantid !== undefined) {

    var url = '' + sector + '/?cand_id=' + applicantid + '/';

   // or maybe this: window.location = '' + sector + '/?cand_id=' + applicantid + '/';


(I am aware there a probably better ways to to do this - we are restricted to this (or a similar method) due to the organisational structure of the client)

Thanks in advance