How to attract followers to Instagram?

I am about to create an Instagram page of my journeys. I’ll upload pictures, stories, advice and etc.
But my question is how to attract new people to follow me? I know that the good content is everything, but how to make that “great” content?

You’ve asked two different questions there.

How do you get followers.
Gonna be honest, its 4 AM, and I cant be bothered to make another entire-sentence-of-individual-links-to-other-threads-on-the-forum, but have you actually clicked the search button up there in the top-right and tried looking at other threads on this forum that already cover the subject?

Because all you’re going to get is those same answers, repeated here, by the same ‘social media experts’. Because noone’s had a new idea in this regard in the last decade, they will all repeat the same things from years ago because either 1) they work, or 2) mindless repetition is how social media works.

How do you make good content great on Instagram? Practice. And maybe a little photo editing here and there wouldnt hurt.

Content is king. Well i can suggest something on personal experience. Write nice description about photo. Add some good quotes along with it. Add relevant hashtags. Add location where you clicked that picture. In the end, you can opt for paid service from Instagram it helps you reaches organic users.

The OP is no longer with us so there is no point in offering any further advice.

Topic closed.

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