How to ask administrator to write article about my site

I would like to ask administrator of few sites to write article about my site on their site, how to do it? what to write them in mail?

What’s in it for the admins of these sites you want to approach?

You could say something just about as simple as “Dear admin, would you please consider writing an article about my website?”…but without a few good reasons WHY they should do so I can’t imagine you’d have much luck.

How will their readers benefit from learning about your site, and why should they spend their time writing a review of it? As with most marketing, you’ll get a much better response if you can give people a REASON WHY they should so something.


Seems like an odd request, are you just trying to get exposure or do you really want their creative feedback?

I’m trying to get exposure

Maybe you could at least offer to do the same for them. Better yet review their site before you ask them, they may feel more obligated to return the favor.

If I ask lets say TechCrunch, they have positive reputation I don’t have to review their site

I agree… No one is going to do anything for nothing…:rolleyes:

Yes… Aren’t we all? Maybe you can try hiring people to write some articles about your site or your services and distribute them to article directories. Or you can even try a Press Release.

Remember, no one is going to do something if you are not going to offer them something in return. That is just how business is!!!:frowning: