How to approach this?

Ok guys so I have a question. I’ve been wanting to launch a skateboarding website close to this site but i am unsure of how to approach this. I am very experience with coding and designing but I just need to know the direction to take. I got two ideas to approach his but am not sure if this is the right way to go. If you guys have a better approach please be sure to let me know.

  1. Install buddypress but users must be able to upload videos and photos.

2.install drupal and setup profile area and etc for site.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Yes I would like it to be more community centered and base around the forum like from the site in the link. I would like the basic functionals like users upload videos, upload photos and join forum and yes also have a forum profile just like the site i linked. I kind of figured buddypress was too social networking. Could I just use a normal wordpress installtion then intergrate a forum into it? I really do not want to use drupal haha

I think a better question to ask is what do you want the site to do? What functionality is crucial? You already mentioned that user-submitted videos and photos are a must-have. I also assume that you want it to be a community-centered site? With user profiles? Do you intend for it to be more forum-centered or social networking centered? Buddy Press is built more around social networking, which could be great if that’s what you’re aiming for. And I’m sure there are plugins that allow users to upload video and photo.

The way I would approach a project like this is to list all of the must-have features, then search for a solution (or a combination of solutions) that supports these features.

Hmm it sounds like BuddyPress would be the best solution, now that I think about it. You can turn features you don’t want off, if you don’t want the heavy social networking aspect. For the forum aspect, you can just create a single group, and that group already has a forum built-in. And there are plugins that allow you to add the video and photo uploading capabilities.

If you went the normal WordPress route, you could integrate it with bbPress or SimplePress, both are forum solutions that are built to work with WordPress. Not sure about the photo and video uploading, there might be a plugin available that lets you do that, but it’s not in the core.