How to Analyze Sites

I have two web sites that’s I launched a couple weeks ago that have yet to some up at almost any level in Google.

The sites are:

Are there any free tools out there that can analyze my sites and see what, if anything is wrong?

My other site, is similar, but was originally established before the others and has been decent in Google rankings for awhile.

Any help is appreciate.



Ah, sorry for the weird links there, I just tired to put the URLs and sitepoint went all crazy with them! It totally looks like I was spamming now… that wasn’t my intention!

What type of analysis and tool is required?

Two weeks is not a long time frame but not impossible. If you google ‘a real seo example’ and choose the page titled “A real SEO example - Google Top 10 in Two Weeks” that will tell you how I did it.

Fundamental to this is creating a sitemap.xml file and uploading it to Google. After a couple of weeks visit Google Webmaster Tools and have a look at how Google sees your website and your pages.

From this you can make an educated decision about strengths and weaknesses and so what to change to improve your rankings


That’s a new feature that was added recently, which was supposed to make links more friendly and usable, eg when people are linking to an article or reference source, it can be better to use the <title> of the page rather than just a bare URL. We’re aware that it isn’t ideal when you’re referencing a particular website, and are trying to come up with a clever way of dealing it.

In the meantime, you can stop it from doing that by un-ticking the “Automatically retrieve titles from external links” box below the Submit button (shown in new posts, replies quoting other posts or if you choose ‘Go Advanced’).

What it has done is highlighted that your <title> tags do look like they’re trying too hard … would you click on a link in Google that looked like that? :cool:[/ot]

You can set up Google analytics for those sites & you can do the required analysis.

It is unusual for a new site to be ranking well in Google when it is so new.

Also your content is not unique, it may be that Google considers it to be an autoblog, which Google is not keen on. I would add some unique content, and mix in more sources not just twitter.

Website analysis is important for ranking a website in top search pages. You need to complete analysis of your website, like website structure according to SEO, meta tags, image optimization, content optimization etc…

What I would like to suggest is Just setup the Google analytic Tool bar separate for each site and analyze the happenings like traffic source, referring sites, targeted keywords, bounce rate and many more data for your site with graphical statistics on at least daily basis. This is the very best Tool to analyze the website and traffic behavior of your site.