How to analyze a design for grid layout?

Some one told me that some of designs doesn’t support grid system layout like bootstrap, foundations etc, so i am not sure what thing need to analysis in design before to get started any, i know bootstrap this is 12 columns grid system but not sure how to analysis, also client is talking about to make it 1600px on large view.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking and definately, I don’t know what you mean by analyze… Do you want to know if a website uses a grid system?

Using a grid system like bootstrap simply speeds the development for some but that doesn’t mean that you have to use one…

Now, if what you want to know what’s best for you (or your customer), what you need to analyze is your/his needs: What’s the goal of the design, who will visit the site? Will they use mobile devices, tablets, large monitors? Do you have lots of content or not?


You may want to look at what other people have done with bootstrap to get a feel for what is possible.

If you have a very graphical design that has no uniformity and doesn’t merge into columns nicely then you may end up fighting the grid all the time to make things fit.

Remember though that the grid itself is only part of what bootstrap offers and there is no need to always stay in the grid or use it fully. You can come out of the grid where necessary to create unique elements that span the space that you require. I have been required to used bootstrap on a large site but I only use the grid for simple stuff and usually write custom code for specific layout items.

You can over-ride settings where you need to but if you end up over-riding everything then it was not worth the effort to start with.

If the design is very simple and straight forward then also think twice about using a heavy framework as you may end up with a lot more code than you need.

There have been quite a few articles recently on Sitepoint about bootstrap and foundation so would be worth reading those first also.

Frameworks should not be used as a crutch but as a tool. You still need to know your way around the complexities of html and css :smile:

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