How to Analyse a Site?

Hi everyone,
i am new in SEO , Iwants to know how to analyse a site,Is there any tool or site which help it.
If somebody know,Please tell me in detail.

What exactly do you want to know? There are a load of ways to analyze a website, tehre are a load of tools that’ll tell you whats wrong with a website, but I personally prefer to use my own hands/eyes to figure out whats missing and what not.

You’ve got to look at two points, on-page and off-page, obviously the on-page is going to be easier, just look for stuff like missing alts/title tags, optimize the whole website to be as search friendly as possible.

When it comes to offpage SEO, it breaks down to backlinks and where your getting them from, also how websites ranking on the first page for your keyword, where are they getting their backlinks from?

I mainly use google analytics for checking out my stats, if that is what you mean.

A website I use is Seriously, give it a go. I don’t know if it’s a recommended tool, or if it’s one of the best etc. However, I do know that it pinpoints problems with your site and gives you a list of things to change. It really is a fantastic tool.

Hmmm, my website scored 99/100.

It’s an ok tool to establish if you’ve left things out of your site - but doesn’t measure how well you do them. Also it measures on arbitrary marketing elements such as twitter accounts, Alexa etc…

imo,on-page and off-page optimization,on page contained keyword,keyword density,position,static state,fresh content,internal links,off page contained high quality backlinks.

I think google webmaster tools is suitable for a newbie. You can learn some basic stats about your site. But if you want to know more, you can use some paid tools.

I have a pro account with SEO Moz, their analytical tools are very good.