How to allow visitors to create new categories on my site

Like how could they create a page for their club on my site’s section for clubs (for example).

I think visitors must not be allowed to create new categories, because there will be a lot of categories at the end of day and you will not find a place to take care of your website… There must only be one admin of the site who may create or delete the categories.

During presidential election, some candidates had on their site a section where visitors could list “political gatherings” in their neighborhoods - allowed them to list date/time/location/etc. So how do to something like that?

Dear paulandy,
I am agree with you and I believe that if any one allow to create new category or page then there will be thousands of category at the end of the month.

After all if you still want to allow create new category or new page than change your registered member roll to Administrator. But according to me you should not do it because if you allow ti create new category or Page then you will be suffer and your site will be spam by your site members.
Thanking you.

But what about a Facebook-like scenario, where people create their own pages - what plug-in or code would allow it? My visitors will be “screened” because they must all be from .edu (education) email addresses.

You might be able to find a CMS of some sort that allows members to create their own pages. This is probably possible with a CMS like Drupal, Joomla or ExpressionEngine.

Can you tell please What kind of your site ? Facebook is Social Networking site and it is very popular in the world. Its Google Page Rank 9 and Alexa Rank is 2. So, You can compare your site with facebook.
However, facebook is always developing by many PHP and web developer exerts, but you have no web debveloper in your site may be.
So, if you want to make your site like Facebook then you have take help from Web developer experts. But if you make your blog in WordPress then you can do it.
Thanking you.

I think you can make a different area to create a user defined category named as user defined category sections. in which there will be only showing the categories which is defined by a user .

But according to me, you should not create any option for your visitor so that they can make new category.
If you do it then really you can not control your site, It will be so hard to control over visitor and on your site.