How to advertise UK entertainment site


I’ve recently opened a UK photo rating site and it’s doing pretty good already but I want more :slight_smile: I don’t have limitless funds but I do have funds!

First the things I’ve done.

When I first opened the site I bought some UK popunder traffic, not disastrous but bad enough for me not to be interested in that in the future.

I’m running google adwords targetted to the UK and I get some traffic from that.

I’ve bought some text links on a high traffic/high PR site and I’ve linked it on a site of mine with high PR, so I should have a reasonable rank after the next update.

I’ve thought about (and nearly definately will) start an affiliate program based on cost per registration. I’ve seen clixgalore and they appear to have lots of UK members. If anyone has ideas of good affiliate programs with UK traffic, then that would be good.

So that’s all for what I’ve done and what I’m likely to do. Does anyone have any more ideas? Any ideas much appreciated.



Regarding getting good traffic what I use is go to yahoo, ICQ appropriate chat rooms and refer people who are looking for resources available on my site. As my site[see sig] helps programmers this helped me a lot.

Also some of the general promotion techniques are listed in my sig.

Shabbir Bhimani

i have a UK Entertainment site opening soon, and im interested in various techniques to get new visitors, as i fjnd my self just inviting my friends, and people of other forums, which ofcourse can be limited!

i also want to know how to advertise UK entertainment site