How to add search criteria by Channel

I’m using a php web script where videos are uploaded and searched to view.
The video files are uploaded to categories (channels). Currently, all search results show a check-box next to the video thumbnail image in the results list. I believe this code creates that:

<div id="content-list">
<ul class="content-list-thumb">
<span><input type="checkbox" name="checkedBoxs[]" value="[blkfeatured.indexer;block=div]"></span>

I’m looking to be able to show a checkbox for all search results except those results form Channel X, for example. Any help with adding that ability, will be appreciated.

use build in template if/else syntax or modify the result produced by the script behind.

Would need to see the php code that produces the form, rather than the form itself. And maybe the form code for the search - how will you decide which channel is to be excepted?

Thanks for your reply.
Here is the “the php code that produces the form”, I believe.
Any help will be appreciated.


search.php (5.7 KB)

No, it’s not in there. Maybe something in the templates produces the form and the tick-box.

Thanks so much for checking it. Greatly appreciated.
Here is the template that I believe may have it.
(I know this is not state-of-the-art coding), but I really appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

search_results.html (3.7 KB)

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