How to add our own title on StumbleUpon?

Can any one make clear to write a title on StumbleUpon?

I just tried it. There is no opportunity to edit the page title.

I was under the impression that all you could do was submit a link? Can anyone advise if Im right or wrong?

When you like a page on StumbleUpon (at least with the toolbar) there is no opportunity to edit the page title. I just tried it.

You can add your title when sharing your link

Stumble Upon is more or less like a social sharing sites that can used as Social Bookmarking, or publishing the content of your websites.
In order to add your own title on Stumble Upon first you need to create an account, follow to that sign in to the account with your log in credential.then make the relevant post that you are willing to make. At this point it will ask you to provide Title for your content. However, make sure that you place the content under proper categories.

There is no opportunity to edit the page title. Best of luck.

As every member answered this thread, there is no chance to add or change the title in StumbleUpon better try other websites with pr rankings.

Check this link
here you can only write a comment or add description to your submission.
There is no place to add title.

And check these

all post have by default title that included in site. You just specify category.

There is no chance to write our own title on StumbleUpon, When we add a webpage on StumbleUpon it won’t take the proper title, but after some time it will pic the main title from the page.
You can share those pages on other social media websites with your own title.

Thank you.

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Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.