How to add foreign key in PHPMyAdmin using MariaDB as the database engine?

I can searched using MySQL on YouTube.
But can’t search a tutorial on PHPMyAdmin with MariaDB as the engine?

Any tutorial or videos etc. on how to do this on MariaDB/PHPMyAdmin?

thanks in advance.

In your phpmyadmin, go to the structure view of your database table. At the top there are two tabs: table structure and relation view. If you select relation view, you will see where you can add a foreign key.

what’s the proper way to add foreign key inside RELATION VIEW?

This is what I would do (but I am nowhere near being an expert here, so you might want an expert to verify). I have a table ‘status’ that has a foreign key ‘client_id’ referring to my ‘clients’ table. I make the ‘client_id’ an index first of all. Then this is what I put in my relation view (Note there are four options for Actions to choose from: cascade, set null, no action and restrict). And then ‘Column’ client_id, Foreign key constraint (INNODB) ‘Database’ business, ‘Table’ clients and ‘Column’ id .

I had an image of that to show you, but I can’t upload it right now due to browser issues.

Sorry I still don’t understand you.

Actually there is a YouTube tutorial for this but it is in MySQL/PHPMyAdmin.

What i need is the steps in MariaDB/PHPMyAdmin

Hope you can upload that image that you have.
So that I can see it properly.

Here it is, finally. :slight_smile: Hope that helps. Then you hit the save button.

thanks I will try and experiment.

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