How to add expiry header into my volusion cms website

Here is URL of my website:

I am facing browser leverage issues during w3c validation. I don’t have its .htaccess or web cinfig files even this CMS does not support browser caching, please help me in that.

Hi @ravish1, not sure I understand your question quite right but if you want to speed up your website by adding expires headers you would need to add the code to your .htaccess file for that website or to the server which is hosting your website… Using a free CDN like Cloudflare would also address the problem but you would need to change your website DNS settings to point to Cloudflares servers…

thanks for your reply but I want to let you know that Volutions CMS does not support htaccess file. Tried to add it but it does not affect anything.

I gave you 2 other solutions @ravish1, I’m pretty sure whatever web server you have will allow you to add expires headers, at least any Apache or NGinx server will anyway… Using a CDN also is a good way to optimize websites…

I think Volution is a hosted e-commerce system, so the OP may not have access to any such settings.

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Both options not possible. Please suggest some other way.


Yes it does not allow this setting but please suggest me how can I increase speed of my website.

I think the page’s loading time without caching could maybe be improved by further optimizing the larger images.

First visit:


I think the refreshing time is accepted anyway and so are the sub page loadings IMHO.

Images are optimized till the last point. Even right now all images are looking bit blurred as well. If I am resizing them according to instructions than it will decrease 5-10 KB max. It will not affect page speed.

I see. The images are not blurred to me though.

I actually had javascript turned off (as usual for new sites) when I checked the timings.

When I anabled javascript the first loading was rendered in about 15 seconds and the total was up to 45 seconds, that’s not good at all IMHO.
The refresh time then the page was rendered in about 4.5 seconds and the total wa up to 30 seconds. That could be accepted by an interested visitor I think.

Perhaps there are room for some improvements after all? Mind that my loading measuring is anecdotal.

(And my DLS is a bit slow for the moment. The browser I used was Linux Chromium.)

Please have a look to screenshot. You will get my point.

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Ok, I think I get your point.

My thought about images was not on the caching topic perhaps, but I truly think that optimizing the site’s landing page is your only option if you can’t use a cdn for the images at least.

E.g. what could the loading time of the front page be if you removed the jquery slideshow.
IMHO that feature doesn’t add much to the user experience. Why not let the below content flow up instead, I think that would be more inviting. If you don’t mind my two cents, it’s all about loading time.

Should have CDN enabled by default though @TechnoBear according to the documentation, I wonder if @ravish1 has that enabled… Not sure there is anything else that we can do to help from our end looking at the docs…


The CDN is included with version V13, upgrading to that version should allow the use the CDN and fix this chaps problems…It’s included with all packages also and dont cost extra.


okay let me cross check this, Thanks

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