How to add dots after subtracting to 25


I need to subtract characters greater than 25 and add dots.
For example:

National and Local Weather Forecast
±----------------------35----------------------+ 35 Characters

To National and Local Weathe… which is 25 characters.

And if less than 25 don’t add dots after the last character.

National and Local
±---------18----------+ 18 Characters

What i already have.

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($getquery))
echo '<h2>'. substr($row['msg'], 0, 25).'..</h2>';

Which i don’t know how to fix that, because the dots are everywhere after the last character.

Thanks in advance

Try something like this:

$msg = “this is a test to see if it works”;
If (strlen($msg) > 25 ) {
$msg = substr( $msg, 0, 25) . ‘…’;
echo $msg;


[ot] it’s hard work typing script on a mobile :frowning:

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Thank you verry much it solved my problem.

Off Topic:

A year ago a client call me to fix his website ( i am not an expert at programming ) but i can solve allot and work almost always with ready made scripts, but i was traveling so i had to work trough my phone it took me almost 2 hours to fix the problem.

On the PC it would take max 15 to 30 min :grinning:

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You may want to consider putting strrpos in there somewhere eg.

one often makes false assumptions

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