How to add days and time for instructor schedule


I need to make design database(ERD) for displaying schedule for every instructor


day of course(Saturday or Monday,etc)

And which time it will give course(period FROM 12 PM TO 03 PM ) .

And what course it will give(c# or SQL) .


Instructor martin give course c# in Monday and Saturday for period 12 pm - 03 pm

And SQL in Sunday and Wednesday for period 12 pm - 03 pm .


So that i designed the following tables :

Instructors table (InstractorID,InstractorName)

Courses table (CourseID,CourseName)

Instructors_courses table (instcourseID,InstractorID,CourseID)

And relation between instructors table and Courses table many to many so that I do another table is Instructors_Courses table .

My questions are

1- How to represent days and time for every course added

Can i add table for time and table for days and make relation with

Instructors_courses table by adding day id and time id (one to many)

OR do it programming from user interface .

2- course start date and course end date these two fields how to represent in

table Instructors_courses table .

i can added but it will repeated with every course are this correct or what .

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