How to add an iframe?

Its been a while since I have tinkered with CSS and I have a question…

I had a programmer slice the PSD of my website and turn it into CSS.

I want to add an iframe to the pages myself, because in some browsers the text wraps and overlaps down the page and I want to stop that happening.

I want the writing on each page to sit inside an iframe so that the user can just scroll within the iframe.

So I am just wondering how I would go about adding an iframe to my page?

The writing on each page currently lies within the following css tag:

#content {

An example of a current page with writing:
Daniela Aguilera - Copywriter | Profile

CSS document:

Thanks, Daniela

The mere notion of positioning content absolutely – alongside putting it over a fixed height background image is NOT good web design, and whoever sold you on that needs a good hard slap with a wet trout. There’s a REASON you don’t see websites built that way other than the handful of fringe personal sites nobody cares about.

As to putting content in an iframe, what is this, 1998? Iframes have no place on a modern page as it would just take your existing accessibility train wreck of absurdly small fixed box with absurdly undersized fixed metric (px) fonts, and take it to the next level of “how not to build a website”.

What I THINK you are asking for should actually be handed by overflow:auto – which would give you scrollbars inside that tiny (TINY TINY) content area if the content is taller than the box it’s shoehorned into.

But instead of that I would HIGHLY suggest swinging a giant axe at the non-repeatable background image, the vertical centering, and instead try to make the container dynamic like every practical website out there – that way you don’t have some tiny little box on 1080-1200 tall displays that users are just going to ***** about how useless it is.

In other words, my advice is to throw that away and start over clean – the page suffers badly from a “but I can do it in photoshop” mentality that leads to nothing but broken layouts that are painful to even TRY to maintain, update, or fit content into.