How to add a non secured http://.. image ( is a snapshot from cctv ) to https://.. site

Good evening , i have a new secured site www.hotel-mike .com and i want to add my live stream snapshot , to the new site but is not secured adress . Once i embed the image i got a warning as mixed content . Is any way to get my live image address from another secured address https:// ?
Is any private company that make the format in a new adress ? i have seen some big companies with live streaming they make that posiible , but i dont know how they do it . Like the most popular weather site on my Country ( took my above Live cam streaming adress and they made it secured !!!

What you need is known as a proxy server. It’s basically a server that downloads contents from one place and undiscloses it again.

Downloading will then go using http, while undisclosing it will use https.

You can look into CloudFlare, they offer such a service with free SSL certificates (needed for https).


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