How to accomplish an effect found on cssdeck

Hello Everyone,
Please visit and in the home page you will see that all the creations are zoomed out then their actual view in the edit mode. They are using iframes to load the contents into the page.
How is their actual page zoomed out?

Also when I try to accomplish this using css zoom and transform properties.
They work well when zoomed in but when zoomed out it changes the size of the iframe.
Is it possible to zoom out the contents of the iframe ithout changing it’s dimensions and position.

But I don’t have a cross browser solution to attain this. Well It must work at least on the latest version of chrome.

Well, the IFRAMEs at CSSDeck are indeed scaled down with transform: scale(0.5) and they get their dimensions from the ARTICLE and the DIV.single_item that contain them, with width:100%; height:100%. As long as you don’t need to support IE8, this works in all browsers.

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