How to Accessibly Rotate Contents with jQuery

Must’ve been what I was hitting.

Ah well I’ll hold off building anything that breaks my favourite browser until
a) the new blinky Opera supports keyboard like that
b) can be installed on 32-bit Linux (this is where it’s not dead, 12.06 is latest for 32-bit still)

The firefox fullscreen thing sounds scary, because then who else (tvs and kiosks and weird things) will do similar?

Actually, re-reading this, I once tried to implement something similar, meaning first I had to get a list of “focusables” and when I coded it it was slow and hoggy (for a dropdown menu for companies who want all 3000 product sub-categories on one page, I guess in the belief that it’s good for the googles or that people still hold to the max-3-click-rule or something…).

So instead for each keypress I’d check direction (is e.shiftkey?) and see if there was simply a “next” or “prev” focusable within the parent… if not, go to first/last.
It works okay, except the last of the last and getting out-- I have to be able to know who will come next after the element I’m managing focus on. So it’s not an agnostic script I can throw into anything, which I’d rather have. Would be nice if there was a command in Javascript to tell the browser “take over from here like you normally would” regarding focus.

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