How sitepoint do this

Hi, can i ask some help how does sitepoint do this,when clicking the log out link there is background color grey and it will cover the whole page,can you help me please how to do this to cover the whole page when clicking the log out…i am refering to the css…

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

and how to make the background grey to cover the page when the content is long…I mean the background grey.

I think sitepoint uses js with this…:slight_smile:

The way to do this is with a lightbox (no, autocorrect, not a “light ox”, that really doesn’t help). There are lots of solutions for this, mostly using jQuery, so just have a google for “lightbox” and see what you like the look of.

Hi thank you for the reply,why is that i cannot click the vertical scrollbar when i am going to log out,“it prompted are you sure you want to log-out”,then i cannot click the scroll bar anymore…

Hi jemz,

If you are interested in implementing a lightbox effect and need any help, let me know.
As the Mouse catcher says, there are numerous plugins available, or it is quite easy to make your own (for the purposes of learning).

Hope that helps, underweight bovine not included.

Hi pullo, THank you so much for the reply…okay i will let you know… :slight_smile: