How should you ask Your Boss for a Salary Raise?


Now it's time for my increment but problem is that how to tell Boss about it.
How should you ask Your Boss for a Salary Raise?

Actually, a company growing in a good way but last month was little bit revenue down. So, how to tell salary raise?


Try something like this,

Good morning boss, its been another successful year. I would like to know if you have any feedback about my work and any areas of improvement for me. I have been able contribute towards so and so (be ready to explain all your achievement and notable contribution). Also subtly mention that there is an inflation of 7% this year and you are having hard time managing your expenses. So I was wondering if you would be kindly enough to offer me hike. Stay silent for some time. Listen every word he says and respond logically and brilliantly. I hope you know what it means :wink:

Good luck!


First give him gifts, and be really kind and patient with everybody. You need to make deposits into his emotional bank account.


Sounds Really Good :grin:


I think it's very hard to get a meaningful raise. My best "raises" have come from getting a new job. The web industry is so rich in opportunity that 10 – 20% "raise" is not unrealistic. If you have a willingness to simply move onto better opportunities you can make much more money than your previous position. My best advice is if you believe you have out grown your current position start looking for something new that meets your salary expectations. That isn't to say you shouldn't ask but in my experience no one ever wants to give anyone a meaningful raise. It is better just to leave and find a higher paying position. Not to mention it is so much fun to leave an employer in the wind when they don't realize the talent they had.


You can also go get some knowledge that will help his career, like work motivation. What are things you can do to impress him on helping to cultivate a culture of work motivation. You can tell him about it or keep it to yourself. Either way should work.

Having the knowledge is not good enough, you need to be proactive on following the work motivation advice.


when I've noticed this topic, I thought I could help you, but previous respondents gave the answers in the best way! :slight_smile:
I believe to be confident and to be ready to explain your achievements are the most important things in that case. However, When I worked as a copywriter for my previous company, I've had the experience to ask for a salary raise in writing form via email, 'cause it was distance job. Now I don't have an "office job", because I work on my own as a freelance writer and that's a different story :slight_smile:
but anyway, I wish you a good luck! it's really stressful situation, however, we don't have to shy!