How should I promote and increase my SERP/SEO ranking for my simulation website?

My website is basically like an asteroid simulation/astrology website. I worked quite hard on it and I am interested in increasing its ranking on Google. I can’t spend any money on it, but what would be your best suggestions to get high quality (dofollow) backlinks, etc. Just any easy SEO tips.

If you dont wish to visit my website I have included. a screenshot:

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Have you read and followed Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide? If not, then that is very definitely the way to start.

I would also caution against taking any other action without first checking that it doesn’t violate search engine guidelines. There is an awful lot of outdated seo “advice” still being peddled, and it is likely to do you more harm than good.

There are a lot of websites that give do-follow links for free. You can search for free article submission sites or blog posting, forum posting sites. You can also list your business on various websites. Blog commenting with your website link also works to some extent.

True, but such links (links which you place yourself) are regarded as worthless by search engines these days. Useful backlinks are those earned, where a site has chosen to link to yours because of your good content.

Again, links you post yourself will not help, and quality sites will mark user-submitted links nofollow (as we do here). Also, link-dropping on such sites may well get you banned.

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Translation: Don’t be a troll.

Given the nature of your site, consider your audience. I think you’ll do better with word of mouth than you will with ‘easy SEO tips’. Reach out to educational institutions, especially any that do work with astronomy, seismology, or natural history.


Agreed but initially starting a new site, you have to gain decent DA so that later on you can go with guest posting and stuff. If your DA is low and you for guest posting people will not be willing to give backlinks.
You have to start with social bookmarking, business listing and all to get started.

Says who, and where? And why do people still think ‘guest posting’ is the end-all-be-all of SEO 10 years after that’s been all but snuffed out of SEO calculations?

Please don’t spread false information on public forums. Backlinking is still the best strategy to improve rankings.

Nobody is denying that quality links are beneficial. What we don’t want to do is mislead somebody new to SEO into following the kind of outdated advice which is, unfortunately, all too prevalent on the Internet, that says any link is good and link-building is the only “technique” required.

Creating links specifically to influence search engines is a violation of their TOS.

And not just Google; other search engines have similar rules:

Hence my advice to the OP to always check the guidelines before embarking on a course of action, because recovering from a penalty is a lot more work than doing things correctly in the first place. smile

my tips - to increase rankings in google

  1. make articles / blog post about the nice your in
    1a - make sure site structure is good and your post link to with other post
    1b.- make sure - url to post, tittle tag, meta description and meta tags match keyword (not a ranking factor, but this is what people see search engine)
    1c - try to match your first paragraph to meta description, use h1 tag with your keyword , and spread out the keyword and lsi keyword in the post to 1-3% of total words, use h2 for paragraphs to dived up the post with lsi keywords

  2. make sure to have an sitemap.xml file for search engines

  3. only post/make articles - relevant to your main site topic - this way google knows what your site about in the long run

4 if you want to rank in search engines - stay away from x links for x dollars sites - eg do not spend dollars on backlink sites - they are way to spamy - you way better of making doing the leg work your self by making sosial media account and - link your post in there ( personally i post one link for every 15 sosial media post on insta, fb - 20 for tik tok)

5 . if you wanna make money on the site - before you get a steady 10k forget adverts or banner adds - focus on making a mail list instead - collect those e-mails

  1. the more number of post you have more chances you have in the search engines (if you focus post on different topic in you nice , be it news , how to etc) but do not post 500 articles at once - spread em out over time - something like 1 -2 a week to start with then when you hit 30 articles - you can post more , trick is to let the search engines know what your site is about and ranking goes easier after that

7 and yup it takes some work - just make sure what ever you post is written by you - if you copy paste you lost the game a long time ago - nothing wrong by using others post as a basis - do the effort to write in your own words and you go a long way.

my tips :stuck_out_tongue:

12 effective ways to create high-quality backlink in 2020

  1. Article Submission
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Guest posting
  4. Comment posting
  5. Pdf submission
  6. Documents submission
  7. Image sharing
  8. Video sharing
  9. Infographics submission
  10. Business listing
  11. Classifieds listing
  12. Web 2.0

Thank you
Sanya Agrwal

Sigh… it always devolves this way.

#1: Article submission… to where, exactly? Anywhere that freely accepts articles is NOT providing ‘high-quality’ anything.
#2: 100% NOT quality ‘backlinks’, for the reasons in #1.
#3: Repeat of #1
#4: Any legitimate site with any sort of quality makes these links nofollow, so this again, is NOT providing quality.
#5: Repeat of #1 again
#6: Repeat of #1 again
#7: Repeat of #1 again
#8: Repeat of #1 again
#9: Repeat of #1 again
#10: If you’re actually running a business, this is legitimate. For joe-shmoe’s Website Look At Me, no.
#11: Repeat of #10
#12: Ambiguous term that, unless you’ve got something more to add, is just a repeat of either #1 or #2.

A wonderful padded list of nothingness. Shame I can’t mark it as spam.


The best idea to get valuable dofollow link for your website SERP is Guest Posting. Lot of blogs providing free guest posting opportunities where you can get backlinks for your website.

Again, links which you place yourself (those which Google describes as “not editorially vouched for”) are of little worth, and may be considered Spam.

This is from six years ago, and shows that Google was starting to distrust “guest blogging” sites even then. If you go that route, be very careful that you only post on reputable sites.

Yes you are right. Matt saying in his video “People doing abusing in guest posting sites” abusing he defines also, he means to say that duplicate content.
I am saying that, Content is king and its a standard to publish unique and plagiarism free content for each guest post. It will works for SERP.

Not only duplicate content. Low quality content, posts made only with the intention of creating backlinks - any form of deliberate manipulation.

In my opinion, if you have a high-quality article, it is probably of more benefit to you to publish it on your own site and gain directly from SERPs and traffic than to post it on someone else’s site and let them enjoy those benefits.

Publishing articles on high-quality sites where the content is reviewed by an editor before it is accepted is another matter.

Your suggestion is 100% accurate. But the most of people already doing guest postings which already aware with duplicate content, promotional content and bulk of keywords stuffing in content is spam. I am just describing the best source to get backlinks.
Let me define with example:
A Knife: there is a bad or good both kings of activities you can perform with but Bad will punish you and Good will make you more healthy.

And I’m trying to get you (and others contributing to this and similar threads) to understand that posters who come here asking for this kind of advice are generally new to SEO and aren’t aware of the pitfalls.

If you are going to offer advice, then it is incumbent upon you to ensure that you do so clearly and responsibly. Don’t make brief comments and assume the other person already understand the details you left out. Explain fully, with links to search engine guidelines where applicable, to ensure beginners reading the thread are not mislead.


Ok Mr. incumbent, you are doing right things and i appreciate your knowledge!

Try also to track your progress on some seo helpful websites, they will help you by pointing to where you can get quality backlinks. And they will also show you your compettitors